New lithium battery technology is up to standard

The new lithium battery, which will be launched soon, replaces the liquid electrolysis technology with gel solid-state electrolysis technology, and replaces the solid core high-resistance cycle technology with the hollow core multi-electrical cycle technology with built-in hollow spring interlayer to realize the innovation of the new generation lithium battery technology. Beyond. The new lithium battery of a1-350ah sent for inspection, 32 technical indicators are higher than the national standard. Lithium-powered batteries have achieved important breakthroughs in energy density, safety and cycle life.

The new lithium battery has good flame retardant performance and thermal stability, which basically eliminates the possibility of electrolytes causing combustion explosion due to collision of the collision, and breaks through the technical bottleneck of the development of new energy vehicles; the new lithium battery is at a low temperature of -20 °C. The discharge performance reaches 99.2% of the rated capacity, exceeding the national standard rated capacity of 70%; the new lithium battery has a capacity of 341.14ah after 500 cycles of detection, the rated capacity is 97.5%, and its cycle life exceeds the national standard and is higher than the national technology. Requirements; the new lithium battery consists of a lithium iron phosphate battery module with a specific energy of 117 wh/kg, which is higher than the national energy density ≧110 wh/kg and cycle life ≧2000 times. In addition, compared with the traditional lithium battery production process requires high-temperature baking for 50-70 hours, the new lithium battery can completely complete the dehydration and dehumidification of the battery inside in only 10 minutes, saving a lot of energy and production costs.

In order to give full play to the excellent performance of the new lithium battery, Huanyu Green has developed a "high-intelligence equalization control management system" that integrates the central control system, power management system and drive control system, and masters 70% of the core technologies to effectively realize One-to-one effective control management of the battery one-to-one. Maximize the high-performance super energy characteristics of the battery.

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