CR2477 button battery

The CR2477 coin cell battery has a voltage of 3.0V, a capacity of 1000, a size of 24.5X7.7mm, and a weight of 10.0g. CR2477 button battery adopts unique sealing structure and manufacturing technology, has excellent leakproofness, storage and high voltage, thin thickness, light weight, small volume, large specific energy, stable voltage and good discharge performance of lithium battery. Safe and pollution-free, the appearance is bright and tidy.

Compared with other battery types, the CR2477 button battery has the following features:

1. The CR2477 button battery can recover the open circuit voltage quickly after a short circuit;

2. CR2477 button battery has good low temperature performance, even under the condition of -40C, it can reach about 60% of normal temperature. 3. Better storage performance, normal storage is its annual self-release rate ≤ 2%, storage period is ordinary dry battery 5 It has a wide temperature range (-20°~ +60°).

The CR2477 button battery series is widely used in computer motherboards, electronic thermometers, electronic toys, small electronic gifts, Bluetooth wireless products, card radios, etc. The CR2477 button battery series has a nominal voltage of 3V, which is twice that of dry batteries. It uses manganese dioxide with very stable chemical properties as the positive electrode material and lithium with very high specific energy as the negative electrode material. The annual self-discharge rate is less than 2% and the storage life is long. The CR2477 button battery series uses a reasonable sealing structure and material, which is airtight and safe to use. The CR2477 button battery series features a wide temperature range, and the battery can work normally from -40 ° C to +60 ° C. The effective storage period is one year.

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